About Us

In the international B2B trade, buyers and sellers have been focusing on quality and price. No matter how successful the sellers are, they have not stopped looking for better suppliers. With the development of productivity, the level of production has gradually exceeded the level of consumption. As a seller, you may find that there are more and more competitors, and the price and product design of competitors may continue to erode your inherent market share. As a purchaser, you may find that there are many suppliers of the same product. They all say that their products are good, and it is not easy to choose the best among them.

If your business is just starting, it can be a disaster if you trust a bad supplier. We have 20 years of experience in the field of foreign trade and have heard of a lot of sad stories.  Even though some customers sent their persons from abroad to domestic factories for inspection before delivery, serious quality problems are still found after delivery of large goods. Although many factories are crying out for long-term cooperation, they often do one-time business, who may attract customers with low price, or cheat customers with false samples.

We have also met many good suppliers. Their quality is superior in the market, but their price is considered at the higher end by customers who prefer to get prices from suppliers as many as possible. There is a saying in economics that “bad money drives out good money”. This phenomenon is common in today’s market. Many people buy from China in the hope of getting a cheaper price. But as a purchaser, you must understand that what you pursue is neither the lowest price nor the highest quality, but the best ratio of price and quality. This is the basis on our recommendations.

We know more about the psychology of Chinese businessmen and Chinese culture and national conditions than you do. These seem irrelevant, but they have a lot to do with how to judge and choose a good supplier. The market has always been the survival of the fittest. If you work with the right suppliers, you’re half the way. On the contrary, unsuitable suppliers not only waste your money, but also delay your time and let you lose market opportunities.

You can contact the recommended supplier directly.  If you do not want to contact the supplier directly for some purpose, you can also entrust us to communicate with them. An on-site inspection before shipment is also available for us if needed. 

Suppliers themselves are constantly changing for various reasons. In a few years, they could be bigger and stronger, or they could go out of business. But when we recommend him to you, we have good reasons to believe that he was a right choice for you at that time. Our recommendations are serious and responsible, and the surveys we have done are generally comprehensive. These surveys are not so easy for foreigners to do well, because they do not understand the Chinese way of doing things and communication.

At present, we are the only one in China to provide such services. We have big data base, strict selecting methods and confirmation steps. At the same time, what we want to express is that a good supplier doesn’t have to be the best in the industry. The reason is very simple. I went to a restaurant for dinner. Their food was delicious and cheap. After 30 minutes, I left because I was hungry but the food didn’t come.