How we evaluate suppliers

The form below shows the aspects we evaluate before we recommend a supplier to you. This form serves as a guideline instead of a strict stubborn standard, because this job should be more flexible to get a more accurate result.

Points of Views Aspect in evaluation Proportion in evaluation (100% in all)
online information product photos 5%
factory pictures 5%
relevant videos 3%
documentation 7%
talk with them by phone confidence on quality 4%
confidence on price 5%
confidence on details 6%
company background

any positive or negative feedback 

attend some show fairs yes or no 5%
export experience yes or no 2%
speed of quoting a price fast or slow 5%
describe aspects of quality straight or cunning 5%
relevant certificate yes or no 5%
company profile small or medium or big 5%
price competitive level balance between quality and price 8%
paymeng term T/T, L/C,  2%
speed of answering questions is it fast and professional 5%
QC general or special 4%
Safe shipment effective or risky 4%